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Because it works.

Spam now accounts for about two-thirds of all email. It costs most email users at least 15 minutes a day. Research shows that spam costs companies $400-800 per mailbox every year. And these costs are growing.

Permission-based email management is the only thing that actually solves, or ever will solve, the spam problem. (To learn more, read our whitepaper.) It is 100% effective, and ChoiceMail makes it available to you now.

With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email because a message can reach your inbox in one of only four ways:

  • It is from someone on your whitelist
  • It is from a new sender whose registration request you accepted
  • It matches a permission rule you created
  • It is from a domain that is on your accepted domain list.
  • You approved it manually

In short, if an email is in your box, it’s because you want it there. ChoiceMail transfers the burden of dealing with email messages from people you don't know back to where they belong– the senders. Learn more and get your FREE trial for home or business!

Why ChoiceMail

Three versions of ChoiceMail fit a wide variety of email environments.

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March 16th, 2009. Version 5.104
March 16th, 2009
ChoiceMail Enterprise 5.104

New Features
Added support for password reset request. Users can now request their passwords from the ChoiceMail login screen.
Added support for custom greeting text. It is now possible to customize the SMTP greeting text in ChoiceMail. Please refer to your documentation. In particular ChoiceMail Admin Guide - Advanced settings for instructions.
Added option to allow empty from address on SMTP level which was breaking RFC and callouts/ndrs in some cases. For instructions on how to enable this option - please consult your admin guide.
Added option in CME to control the number of simultaneously processed messages. You can now set the maximum number of simultaneous connections/messages processed. 
Added option in CME to limit the maximum message size. Default is 0 means unlimited.
Added function to export whitelist for selected users

Performance improvements in the internal SMTP server processing
Updated challenge message information to make it more friendly to other spam filters.
Performance improvements for challenge message sending and handling.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue where web browsing would not work on some systems due to double slashes in registry pointing to the ChoiceMail path


What our users say:

I tell them that I don't have that problem since I have ChoiceMail One.

Debra B.


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