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Because it works.

Spam now accounts for about two-thirds of all email. It costs most email users at least 15 minutes a day. Research shows that spam costs companies $400-800 per mailbox every year. And these costs are growing.

Permission-based email management is the only thing that actually solves, or ever will solve, the spam problem. (To learn more, read our whitepaper.) It is 100% effective, and ChoiceMail makes it available to you now.

With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email because a message can reach your inbox in one of only four ways:

  • It is from someone on your whitelist
  • It is from a new sender whose registration request you accepted
  • It matches a permission rule you created
  • It is from a domain that is on your accepted domain list.
  • You approved it manually

In short, if an email is in your box, it’s because you want it there. ChoiceMail transfers the burden of dealing with email messages from people you don't know back to where they belong– the senders. Learn more and get your FREE trial for home or business!

Why ChoiceMail
Our server got blacklisted on RBL lists - we think ChoiceMail is responsible.

Several RBL lists as they are called are known to create more problems than good. If you search for "rbl lists problems" for example - you will see what people have been going through as these lists are poorly implemented and often do not offer any spam protection.

We have very rarely seen these lists blocking someone because of ChoiceMail challenges. In many cases - something else happens and you get on the list so please double check the reason.

In any case - there is several things you can do.

1) Complain to the list owners.
2) Unblock your domain name.
3) If you have CME and still think ChoiceMail is the primary reason for your blacklisting and you simply want to send challenges ONLY to verifiable addresses you can switch on the Reverse DNS lookup in ChoiceMai.

Open your ChoiceMail settings and in the options section switch on the SPF protection options

Anyone actually complaining about the ChoiceMail message being sent to them as an unsolicited message - meerely has to publish their SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records and ChoiceMail will be able to distinguish between a spamer faking their email address and a real message sent from that domain.

You can also switch on the reverse DNS lookup and set it to "accept only reverse records mathicng the sender"

This will send challenge messages ONLY to unknown addresses that are sending an email form a server with valid reverse DNS record that matches the sender's email address.

This feature will most likely prevent some legitimate senders from receiving your challenge so you will have to check your unknown list more frequently. These senders however will have a different icon so that you can notice them better.

Again - this is not a ChoiceMail problem - it is a larger and more complicated problem with some of the RBL lists, but please make sure that the reason you got blacklisted IS indeed ChoiceMail challenges.

We would recommend checking other things on your network like possible virus infections.


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