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Because it works.

Spam now accounts for about two-thirds of all email. It costs most email users at least 15 minutes a day. Research shows that spam costs companies $400-800 per mailbox every year. And these costs are growing.

Permission-based email management is the only thing that actually solves, or ever will solve, the spam problem. (To learn more, read our whitepaper.) It is 100% effective, and ChoiceMail makes it available to you now.

With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email because a message can reach your inbox in one of only four ways:

  • It is from someone on your whitelist
  • It is from a new sender whose registration request you accepted
  • It matches a permission rule you created
  • It is from a domain that is on your accepted domain list.
  • You approved it manually

In short, if an email is in your box, it’s because you want it there. ChoiceMail transfers the burden of dealing with email messages from people you don't know back to where they belong– the senders. Learn more and get your FREE trial for home or business!

Why ChoiceMail

Features and Benefits

Over the years we have developed many useful features that make ChoiceMail unique and easy to work with.

Next generation spam blocking to replace old style content filters.

Spam blocking replaces old style content filters.

ChoiceMail is different...

Say goodbye to spam forever with ChoiceMail!

choicelogo.gifSpam now accounts for about 65% of all email. Many people waste 15 minutes or more each day reading and deleting unwanted junk messages. And these messages often bring viruses, web bugs, offensive images and other unwanted content into your home and onto your computer.


Recommended for: Single-users with multiple email accounts or who want to protect their email and use advanced fetures.

ChoiceMail One is our fully featured solution for single users. It is fully customizable, including custom registration message, and contains additional features, such as the ability to import your contact list so as to preapprove people you already know, and our SmartAway(tm) process that only responds to approved senders. It lets you protect an unlimited number of email accounts in POP3 format. ChoiceMail does not officially support IMAP protocol!

Click here to download your free 30-day trial version of ChoiceMail. Click here to learn how ChoiceMail works.

You can learn how ChoiceMail works here, but in short, if an email is in your box, it’s because you want it there. ChoiceMail transfers the burden of dealing with email messages from people you don't know back to where they belong– the senders while allowing you to tweak and customize automatic behaviours to fit your exact needs.

Here’s what our users love about ChoiceMail:

  • They get their privacy back
  • They waste no time reviewing and deleting unwanted email
  • ChoiceMail is easy to install and configure. When installing with the most popular email programs, setup is automatic.
  • ChoiceMail is powerful, but still very easy to use.
  • It has the most secure, hack-resistant registration process possible
  • It helps protect you from viruses, trojans, web bugs and offensive content
  • Unlike most anti-spam programs, ChoiceMail doesn’t create a spam folder in your email program. It keeps unknown mail out of your email program entirely unless and until you decide to let it in.
  • ChoiceMail lets you preview questionable mail with all live links, images and attachments disabled, so you can safely find out what’s in a message.
  • The single-user versions of ChoiceMail work with any email program.
  • Forward clean mail to online account for use with iPhone, BlackBerry or other web enabled device.
  • And much, much more . . .

Ready to try ChoiceMail? Click Here to download your free 30 day trial and see if ChoiceMail works for you.


Screenshot of the ChoiceMail main application window

Main ChoiceMail Window


What our users say:

No spam at all now in my inbox... I LOVE IT!!

George O.


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