DigiPortal Announces ChoiceMail Enterprise Version 5.x Spam Blocker that Combats Latest Email Scams

ORLANDO, FL—July 16, 2008- DigiPortal Software Inc., a leading developer of anti-spam software, introduced enhancements to the company’s flagship ChoiceMail Enterprise anti-spam solution that includes advanced solutions to detect and eliminate the latest email scams.

Deployed in approximately 600 organizations, ChoiceMail Enterprise Edition provides both users and IT administrators a variety of active and passive spam detection and prevention features. The new release has the ability to utilize the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) technology to detect “fake from email addresses”. Fully compatible with all corporate email servers including Microsoft Exchange, Groupwise, IMail, Lotus Domino and many others. ChoiceMail Enterprise requires no integration with those servers. ChoiceMail Enterprise system gives businesses the ability to stop the spam from reaching their email server, protecting the organization from the stress of unwanted email traffic, the risk of accidental virus activation and inappropriate content in the workplace. ChoiceMail Enterprise has a unique architecture that does not require constant updates to be effective in blocking spam.

Users can access the ChoiceMail system via any standard Web browser operating on any operating system, including Windows, Macintosh and Linux as well as wireless devices that incorporate operating systems such as iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Pocket PC. This flexibility allows them to manage and view their spam free email while out of the office. ChoiceMail Small Business offers the same capabilities and benefits for organizations that do not already have their own email server.

DigiPortal’s newest installment of ChoiceMail Enterprise Edition, Version 5.x, has significant performance enhancements in the main processing engine, has extensive searchable documentation and works with several SQL database systems, significantly reducing memory requirements and increasing responsiveness to a large number of email recipients.

Scott McCullough (Manager Technical Operations, Mine Safety Appliances) commented the following with respect to his companies experience with ChoiceMail Enterprise: “Mine Safety Appliances has 2800 email users protected from spam by ChoiceMail Enterprise. “We have been using ChoiceMail for over a year. This is the third spam prevention tool that we have utilized and the first one that meets the needs of our email users and the technical requirements of the IT department. Our users report that they save an average of 15 minutes per day and they do not miss wanted emails. So far, ChoiceMail processed about 20 million emails without problems, of that 19 million (95%) were spam messages that never got to our mail server. Technical Support is extremely fast and very knowledgeable.”

Availability & Pricing:

ChoiceMail Version 5.x Enterprise Edition is available immediately. Contact DigiPortal at 407-333-2488 or for more information. ChoiceMail Enterprise is application dependent based on the number of users in the system and quantity discounts are available. To obtain pricing and to schedule your free, phone assisted, trial installation, please visit https://digiportal.com/forms/newcust3.html

About DigiPortal

DigiPortal Software Inc. develops business information and enterprise software applications. Specifically, the company develops information management tools designed to provide today’s end users with powerful aids in fighting information overload and inappropriate Internet content. The company’s flagship solution, ChoiceMail One is an innovative spam blocking product that has received critical acclaim from the media for its ability to reduce junk email to ZERO.

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