ChoiceMail is different!

It’s a permission based spam blocker that customizes itself to you. Only approved email gets into your inbox!

Permission-based means ChoiceMail assumes email is spam unless it knows otherwise.

ChoiceMail automatically approves email from people you know and trust. It lets you create simple rules to approve email that is important to you. And it lets you automatically query unknown senders to find out who they are and what they want before their email gets into your inbox. Then you get to decide if this is someone you want to hear from. Legitimate senders respond to this query, but spammers never do.

With this combination of features, ChoiceMail gives you the power to fight back against spam. Immunity is the best revenge. Look in the ChoiceMail Junk Box and watch the spam just bounce off. None of it gets to your inbox. But all of your legitimate mail does. Whether you have a single email account at home or are responsible for thousands of mailboxes in an enterprise, there is a version of ChoiceMail that’s right for you. How ChoiceMail Works…

ChoiceMail Enterprise works with Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise, IMail and all other enterprise email servers. ChoiceMail One, our single-user version, works with any standard POP3 email program.

One of the favorite features in ChoiceMail is the ability to have a personalized page that your customers will see when they respond to a challenge. Learn more…

ChoiceMail for Home

ChoiceMail for Home is a fully customizable desktop anti-spam solution for single-users with multiple e-mail accounts or who want to protect their e-mail and use advanced features. It lets you protect an unlimited number of email accounts in POP3 format. Learn more…

Current version is 2014.1
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With ChoiceMail for Business you get 100% spam-free email, seamlessly integrated to meet the needs of each user and the organization as a whole. It’s an email gateway that works with any mail server, including Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, Imail, SendMail, Netscape, etc. Learn more…

Current version is 2013.1
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