Stop spam in your business. Business anti spam solution. POP3 and SMTP spam filter software

Two business editions to choose from. Both support organizations of any size and differ only in a way that email enters your network. One is for businesses that do not have their own mail server and usually connect to their ISP and use POP3 mail. The other is for organizations that do have their own mail serverIf you are not sure which one is right for you – simply contact us and one of our specialists will contact you with the right solution and a free trial.

If you have your own server, ChoiceMail Enterprise is the perfect anti-spam solution for you.

You get 100% spam-free email, seamlessly integrated to meet the needs of each user and the organization as a whole.

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If you do not have your own email server, ChoiceMail Small Business is the right solution for you.

Install ChoiceMail Small Business on one computer on your network. Then create separate accounts for each user.

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"ChoiceMail 100% of Junk Email Gone"
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