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10-21-2009 ChoiceMail 2010 Provides Spam Protection for Windows 7 users

01-14-2009 ChoiceMail Desktop Version 5.x Provides Spam Protection for SmartPhones (BlackBerry, iPhone) at a Lower Price of $29.95

07-16-08 ChoiceMail Enterprise Version 5.x Released

10-22-07 ChoiceMail One Version 4.x Released

02-14-07 ChoiceMail Enterprise Version 4.x Released

06-27-05 ChoiceMail One awarded LAPTOP Magazine Editors’ Choice

02-15-05 One Minute a Month Can Eliminate 100% of Spam, Saving Companies and Individuals Billions of Dollars

07-28-04 ChoiceMail Upgrades Released

07-20-04 ChoiceMail Earns Top Rating from CNET’s

04-28-04 ChoiceMail Version 2.5 Enterprise Edition Released

04-27-04 Choicemail Free Introduced

09-25-03 Digiportal Presents at Annual Innovation Florida Conference

09-17-03 DigiPortal Launches Enterprise for Desktops & Mobile Wireless Devices

09-09-03 ChoiceMail 2.0 Released

07-28-03 ChoiceMail Supports Visually-Disabled Computer Users

07-08-03 Digiportal Closes Round of Funding

01-07-03 Choicemail 1.5 Released

10-01-02 Choicemail 1.4 released

07-11-02 ChoiceMail 1.2 Released

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"ChoiceMail 100% of Junk Email Gone"
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